Hydrodemolition begins with the pumping system. Pressure is typically generated using diesel or electric pumps which then flows through a high pressure hose to the location of demolition. Depending on removal depth and cut rate, the number of pumps can vary to achieve the desired results.


In order to safely and effectively deliver the extreme power generated from the pumping system, many years of development have been devoted to the design of the nozzle. With detailed testing, it was found that rapid compressive forces at a specific rate were able to remove concrete with peak efficiency. With a 0-30 degree angle combined with a rapid rotational speed, the nozzle distributes the high pressure stream in a cone-like geometry while exposing the concrete to the desired rate of compression. This allows American Hydro to achieve unprecedented concrete removal rates with precise results.


The goal of the robot is to safely and accurately control the power of the nozzle. Since American Hydro uses the most powerful pressure generating system, our robots are built with large safety factors to ensure the integrity of the machine. In effect, our robots are built to be extremely durable to perform in a variety of demanding environments.

Every jobsite is different and has inherent limitations. Therefore, American Hydro is prepared to make alterations to existing robots or design a completely new robot for each job. We are staffed with engineers and fabricators that are never afraid to think of new innovations tailored to a specific job.